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Kerry Mosher
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Standard Rates Philippines, India
  All rates United States Dollars USD  
Creative projects like Flash, Graphics, database, applications, PowerPoint, wizards, etc.
Projects less than
40 hrs a week, doing redundant work, such as EBay administration, Commission Junction, Yahoo Store, Info USA Lead Clicker, Data Entry or or any other repetitive  task or well defined business process.
Same as above working 40 hrs a week, with a minimum 6 week project.

Overseas Project Manager Rate

  $25.00/hr   Basic project management    
  $45.00   Top Tier Project leader    

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PC Phone Support
Level 3 Basic Support
 15 minute $11.25  Minimum Charge:
Level 2 Advanced Support
Level 1 Critical Support
United States Project Manager Rate
For in-person consultation
+ travel time.
For PC phone consultation

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